Bird Box: A Glass Half Full Review

Bittermin! Bittermin! Bittermin!                 What? Why are you yelling? And why do you have a blindfold on? Because we’re talking about the 2018 Netflix Original Birdbox!                 You mean the one starring Sandra Bullock of Miss Congeniality fame? That’s the one! I love that movie, a one on the pain scale.                 But what about […]

The Deadman Rises Again…And Again

The Deadman. The Phenom. The American Badass. While most people are quick to scoff at the validity of The Undertaker’s history, there is science to back up some of The Undertaker’s astonishing feats throughout his career with World Wrestling Entertainment (Formerly known as World Wrestling Federation). One of those feats, performed not only once, but […]