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Broadstew Website Update

It’s me again. Since my last post, I’d like to say that I’ve been working hard and that my posting this is only the first of many that I’ve banked over the past weeks, months? But reality is, I haven’t done much of anything except for school work which actually will play into this update because I am going into the month of April 2020 with hopes that new ways to present my writing will make it easier for me to share it on this website.

            You know, for a while now the reason I haven’t written anything is because when I sit down to write, I set a very unrealistic expectation of myself that leaves no wiggle room for anything less than producing the best piece of writing in the world. This obviously is not going to happen. I am very much a beginner. And because of that, I urge whoever is reading this to have patience with my work until I get to a better place in my writing and as I figure out exactly who I am as a writer. So, in the meantime, back to this update.

            My goal moving forward is to provide primarily two forms of post on a weekly basis:

            1: A public journal (A la Mike Birbiglia) where I essentially just talk about things I’m thinking while trying not to sound like a pretentious douchebag or a know it all. Because another thing about these pieces, is that I want to begin to express a little bit more about my opinions (that are just opinions) but also just my viewpoints on certain things that I’ve long kept to myself mostly because I am very afraid of conflict. This of course, is constantly part of my internal struggle because while I am afraid of conflict, I sometimes really enjoy hearing myself talk. I’m not full of myself, I swear, I think. I just want to add some perspective and also encourage anybody that takes the time to read my posts to give feedback and open discussions from different viewpoints. Or you can just help me fix any grammatical errors that show up in my writing. Which brings me to the second kind of post I want to be doing moving forward…

            2: My Creative writing. Snippets of work that I am working on or trying to iron out with hopes of figuring out exactly what the stories I want to tell are. They won’t be in standard prose format though, at least I don’t think so, because in this past quarter at school I took 2 creative writing poetry classes that changed the way I look at the early stages of my writing process. I’ll write more about those classes later but for now, what I am trying to say is that my stories will be written in a poetic format with lines and stanzas with the idea that this way, each sentence is forced to stand alone and be put up to the test of whether it is or isn’t important or something along those lines. I’m trying to figure this stuff out, have patience. An example would be: Jon ran to the store. Jon didn’t make it to the store before they closed. Jon was mugged. So taking those and writing them like:

            Jon ran to the store

            Jon didn’t make it to the store before they closed.

            Jon was mugged.

And so on. I’ll try my best to number lines to make it easier to give feedback or point out errors. But anyways, that’s the update and I hope you’ll find yourself on this page again real soon. And if you don’t, and it’s my fault, I’m sorry.

See you soon!

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