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Summer of 84 (2018): A Glass Half Full Review             


   Summer of 84 is a movie that centers around a group of rapscallions led by a boy named Davey, who thinks that aliens are real (they are), the government is in on everything (they are) and that demons may at one point haunted his home (Seriously? Grow up, kid). But down to the nitty gritty, there are some things from the movie worth mentioning. 2/5 likeable protagonist (so close) leads to a real…cast half full experience. See what I did there? No? Well anyways, Dale, a member of the posse I think adds the most to the movie and proves to be the most empathetic character and the choice to highlight his backstory a little more over the other members of the group really pays off. Another highlight of the film is a bold shift in direction in the third act that will likely leave a viewer watching shocked and slightly uncomfortable.


Whats the Beef?

This shift however, may also be a point of disconnect for some viewers because it really turns the movie on its head in terms of what this movie is supposed to be or is even supposed to be for? At the beginning of the film there’s talk about porn which maybe isn’t best for younger audiences but for a huge chunk in the middle the film becomes very tame and a little vanilla only to have a big shift back to adult content in the third act. It’s a real bizarre balancing act that isn’t balanced at all. Along with that there is also something to say about the main group of boys shooting the shit with each other for most of the movie but never really explaining why they’re even friends in the first place because aside from Dale and Davey, the other 2 boys are like jigsaw pieces forced into a puzzle. A puzzle of friendship. Stop that. No! It’s my turn.

Bitter Lemons

How sad was this movie?

Not Very sad. I felt bad for Dale though. He was really the only person I ever really felt bad for. His friends treated him like crap, his backstory was tough to swallow, and the (Spoiler) was even harder to swallow.

 What about Davey?

What about him? He should be the poster boy of glass half full because of how average he is.

That’s pretty harsh coming from you Chryanne. So then with the emotional weight of Dale in mind, how sad was this movie? Let’s look at the pain chart.

I give it a 3 because of (Spoiler). But besides that, there’s no real reason to be too sad. Maybe Dale should’ve been the main character.

Closing Thoughts

                Summer of 84 has me performing a balancing act of my own. I’m not sure how I feel about it and it really comes down to that final act. And even though it might be to big a shift in tone (Maybe too big), it could prove to some viewers to be what salvages the movie. Story wise it’s predictable but the way the final reveal is executed might be hit or miss.

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