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Bittermin! Bittermin! Bittermin!

                What? Why are you yelling? And why do you have a blindfold on?

lemon blindfold3

Because we’re talking about the 2018 Netflix Original Birdbox!

                You mean the one starring Sandra Bullock of Miss Congeniality fame?

That’s the one! I love that movie, a one on the pain scale.

                But what about Bird Box?

I’m getting there. I guess I’ll start by saying it isn’t a one, but it also isn’t the tearjerker I think people might have made it out to be.

Yeah, I agree, while it does flex some likeable characters, some characters are a little stale and others have their likeability drained by some real stupid decisions. At times this movie and the decisions of the characters make sense because of the heavy focus on paranoia and distrust in the films plot but other times decisions are bad enough to make a viewer think “Well, that doesn’t really make sense logically at all”.

I don’t know, I think that the screenwriter (Eric Heisserer) did a good job of balancing characters out and making them be in a sort of grey area of right and wrong. Their motivations seemed logical for the most part if not all the time. They were put in tough situations and just had to roll the dice.

                You know, you’re right. I think that my main gripe really is with the way one specific event in the film took place.

There is a scene in the movie where all I felt was frustration brought upon by confusion that really had me focused on why something was happening instead of focusing on how worried I was about the characters.

                Exactly. You know exactly what I’m talking about and I think that the weight of that scene could’ve really had a bigger impacted if it were just a little more logically sound.

Because there were moments in the film like this one where tragedy had a feeling of being unpreventable and in this one pivotal scene that didn’t really come across. I just couldn’t help but feel like it was completely unavoidable and the set-up for it was borderline non-sensical.

                So, is it even sad with that in mind?

Yes! This isn’t t take away from the tragedy in parts of the film. Like I said, there are moments in this film that have you on the edge of your seat and feeling anxious and concerned for the safety of the characters. There are characters in this movie that you do no want to die but because there is a big destructive force on the loose it really isn’t a spoiler to say some of them do not make it.

                Hmm, looking at the pain chart, what would you rank it specifically?

I can’t see the chart.

                Take the blindfold off!

Fine! I give Bird Box…a 5. I think that some moments pull at the heart strings, but I’d save the Kleenex for a runny nose.


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