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The Deadman. The Phenom. The American Badass. While most people are quick to scoff at the validity of The Undertaker’s history, there is science to back up some of The Undertaker’s astonishing feats throughout his career with World Wrestling Entertainment (Formerly known as World Wrestling Federation). One of those feats, performed not only once, but an incredible variety of times was that of his own resurrection from the dead. Again, save your dismissal for whoever doubts you after you’ve begun to believe in the magic of Ol’ Mark Calaway. Because even though it might just be smoke and mirrors, there are some explanations grounded in reality that will have you saying, “It’s still real to me, damnit!”

  • Lighting Struck the Same Place Multiple Times

Lightning struck his grave. In the 1940’s the USSR conducted experiments using electric currents on a decapitated dog to animate the animal. Experiments were a success and scientist found that the head did not only animate but seemed to respond to stimuli around it. Because the Undertaker was buried alive, there was no distinguishable or serious damage done to his body. Now, with the information gathered by USSR scientist, it makes it entirely possible that the grave of the Undertaker was struck by lightning. This would, in turn run currents strong enough through his dead body to revive the Deadman who would after this, be not so dead. Keeping also in mind that cold dirt would also help keep his deceased body intact. And Speaking of the cold…

  • Cryogenic Freezing Followed by Time Travel

The Undertaker, as great as he is, can only get lucky with lightning so many times. However, there is more than one way to bring someone back to life. Advances in technology have made it possible for someone (Like Paul Bearer) to have the body of a loved one cryogenically frozen with the hopes that advances in technology in medicine will be made that will allow for the deceased to be brought back to life in the future. With Undertaker’s most recent death being in 2010 at the hands of Kane (Who may or may not have had him cryogenically frozen in a fit of guilt or eagerness to reunite as The Brothers of Destruction), it is very possible that cryogenic freezing was an option at the time. So, theoretically what happened was that the Undertaker was frozen and then revived at some point in the future where the wealthy can also own time machines. Following the revival of the Undertaker (who would be wealthy enough to own a time machine) would use said time machine to return in time and once again step foot in a WWE ring again a short while after his burial in 2010. And I know what you’re thinking “But how can cryogenic freezing work if you’ve also been set on fire like The Undertaker was (Also at the hands of Kane) in 1998? This one is a little harder to explain but it isn’t impossible, especially when you know the right people. Enter reason number 3.

  • Papa Shango – The Voodoo Priest

For centuries, there has been folklore, mythologies and urban legends surrounding voodoo magic. When talking specifically of Haitian voodoo, there has been stories told of the zombification and resurrection of people through voodoo magic. This is interesting because when the Undertaker first perished in 1994, there was a voodoo priest on the WWE (then WWF) roster. Enter Papa Shango. It is possible that Paul Bearer, famous manager of the Undertaker made a deal with Papa Shango in order for him to bring the Undertaker back from the dead. It could be that Papa Shango revived The Undertaker and, in the process, used so much of his magic up that he had to leave Voodoo behind. This claim holds some weight considering that in the late 90’s, after The Undertakers Revival, Papa Shango would go on to become a pimp and founder of the world-famous Ho Train.

So, there it is. Next time your friends try to laugh in your face about the credibility of World Wrestling Entertainment you can school them by going Old School (That is the name of a signature move of The Undertaker) and body slam them with facts and history.

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